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Adults with a Medical Diagnosis

There can be so many questions that accompany a parent's serious illness!


"Who is going to tell my children? What do I tell them? Should I wait to tell them?  What is the best time to tell them about what is going? Who will take care of my children if I can't?"


Child Life Force is here to help answer all those questions.

Image by National Cancer Institute

Illness Education Curriculum

  • 6 weeks

  • 1-hour sessions with the children

  • Focus

    • Getting to know you​

    • Diagnosis Teaching & Education

    • Coping/Feelings Exploration

    • Hope Building

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Advanced Illness Education Curriculum

  • 8 weeks

  • 1 - 1 1/2 hour sessions with the children

  • Focus 

    • Getting to know you​

    • Diagnosis Teaching & Education

    • Coping Skills/Feelings Exploration

    • Legacy Buildng

    • Family Session

    • Support Building

Wonders & Worries Curriculum

"Registered Wonders & Worries Providers are certified child life specialists who have participated in a 3-day training equipping them to be able to deliver the Wonders & Worries Illness Education Curriculum. Content areas covered within training include: Parenting Support, Group Support and Facilitation, Building a Therapeutic Relationship, Illness Education, Emotional Regulation, Stress and Coping, Closure of the Therapeutic Relationship, Grief and Bereavement and Business Strategy. In addition to the three-day training, RWWP's are required to participate in 8 group supervision sessions and 8 individual supervision sessions with Wonders & Worries staff. This additional level of ongoing support is designed to assist RWWP's in the successful implementation of the Wonders & Worries curriculum in their unique communities and clinical settings."  -from the RWWP Registration Letter of Support

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