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Children & Teens

Family Time

Child Life Force recognizes each child and family have unique needs. We may be able to provide services to support children through other difficult situations, such as divorce, loss of a pet, a friend moving away, or other unique situations. 


Preparation Sessions

Preparation sessions are most appropriate for:

  • an upcoming test or procedure

  • a test/procedure that your child is anxious about

  • a child needing additional education about a specific procedure

We can schedule as many times as needed prior to the procedure until you and your child feel confident. 


New Diagnosis Education

A new diagnosis can be confusing and scary to a parent or caregiver. This can be even more true for a child. 

These sessions are meant to:

  • teach using language that will make sense to that child or teen

  • use a variety of tools and games to help explain what the diagnosis is and what treatments the doctors may use

med play.jpg

Medical Play Sessions

Medical play is play using medical themed toys and tools that is motivated by the child. 

These sessions can be used in combination with any other sessions and can be especially beneficial for children who may have fears about doctor or dental visits or certain elements, such as a fear of needles or have had negative or traumatic past medical experiences.  


"Coleman had his annual cardiology appointment yesterday. He's done fine in the past but last year, he was extremely stressed and uncooperative during the EKG and other tests. His anxiety was through the roof so he fought any attempt to comfort him and kept trying to elope.

Jennifer with Child Life Force scheduled a time to meet with Coleman and address his specific fears. She had various medical related toys for him to pretend play and manipulate at the beginning of the session. He was also given a social story explaining the test in a way he could understand. They then practiced the EKG on a doll so he could see what would happen. She sent us home with a toolkit and tons of ideas of how to make the appointment as stress free as possible. Needless to say, Coleman rocked the appointment! He was so brave and patient throughout all of the tests...Jennifer was such a blessing, and I recommend her services to everyone!

Jada, mother 



My son has significant anxiety and is on the Autism spectrum, he has his struggles, but is a beautiful light to our lives. Jenn has been exponentially helpful to him on several occasions. She meets his where he is, makes him feel comfortable and has contagious compassion. Her knowledge is vast and her kindness is life changing. Whether with a sleep study, an orthodontist appointment, anything in between or for helping my son gain valuable self calming skills, Jenn has been such a huge help. For me as a parent, she has lifted a burden of stress off of my shoulders as well. Having her on our side is an extremely special part of our “village” and I am forever grateful. I recommend her every chance I get, you will lose nothing and gain everything by having her on your side. 


Emily, mother

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