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Child Life Force
Equipping Children with the Tools to Cope with Life's Challenges

Children & Teens

Private individual sessions tailored to your child or teen's individual needs. 

  • Education on how to prepare for upcoming test or medical procedure

  • Educating child about a new medical diagnosis and new or existing plan of treatment

  • Coping plan for child and/or caregiver 

  • Therapeutic and Medical play

Adults with a Medical Diagnosis

Series of individual, sibling or family sessions to provide education and coping skills to children with a parent or loved one with a medical diagnosis. 


  • Providing parents resources on how to discuss this challenging topic with their children

  • Individual coping plan for each child based on individual needs 

Community Events

-Monthly Events-

Education | Medical Play | Normalization 

Teddy Bear Clinic

Teen Dental Clinic

Sensory Friendly Dental Clinic*

Sensory Friendly Teddy Bear Clinic*

*For children with sensory challenges or other special needs


"My daughter and I met Mrs. Jenn when we were admitted into OLOL Women's & Children's Hospital for a bug bite. My daughter was 4 years old and needed an IV to start her medication. Mrs. Jenn walked into the room with a stuffed bear and IV supplies and walked my daughter through the entire process using the stuffed bear. My daughter was part of the process and because she knew what would happen and why, the IV didn't bother at all. She didn't shed 1 tear when it was time to get her IV started.

We forget that the unknown breeds fear. If we pause for education, we will always see a decrease in traumatic experiences.

Mrs. Jenn taught my daughter and myself so much that day. My now 6 year old daughter ASKS for an IV sometimes. Mrs. Jenn is amazing at what she does, thank you!!!"

Stephanie, mother of 4 year old

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